About Rabbi Stacey Blank

Rabbi Stacey Blank serves as the rabbi of the Reform/Progressive Kehilat Tzur Hadassah, outside of Jerusalem. She also officiates at life cycle ceremonies (bar/bat mitzvah, zeved ha’bat/ha’ben, weddings, and funerals) for Israeli families and also families who come from abroad.

Previously, Rabbi Blank was the spiritual leader of Kehilat Darchei Noam for four years and worked in the Israeli Rabbinic Program of Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem.  On her path to the rabbinate, she served Jewish communities all over the world including two years in Poland as a volunteer with the Joint Distribution Committee, as a student rabbi in California, South Africa, and Australia, two summers as the Services Coordinator of NFTY trips in Europe and Israel, and has led Pesach seders in Belarus as co-founder of Hebrew Union College’s FSU Pesach Partnership.

She is known for her work with children and young families and is forever an aspiring writer. In her sparingly spare time, she loves to play the piano, knit/crochet, bike, be in the awesome nature of the Land of Israel, and people-watch in airports.  And she is slowly gaining confidence in her guitar playing.

Having grown up in Cleveland, Ohio, she made aliyah in 2005 and lives in Jerusalem with her husband Tamir and three children with whom life is never dull.


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